Tutors in Norwich

Tutors in Norwich

WELCOME TO NORWICH TUTORS Contact Norwich Tutors to discuss your training needs. We will offer the best advice available and provide you with a high standard of fully qualified and experienced tutors in Norwich. We supply tutors to locations within the City of Norwich and up to a 5 mile radius of the inner ring road. We cater for any age group. Tutors are generally flexible offering tuition either in their own home or under suitable conditions at the client's private address. At present Norwich Tutors cover the following subject areas: SUBJECT Sats GCSE As-level A-level *Other Maths Statistics Mechanics English General Science Physics Chemistry Biology Electronics Programming Computer/ICT Geography German Spanish French English as a foreign language (EFL and ESL) * Other qualifications for example; GNVQ, NVQ, Cambridge Certificate, National and Higher National Certificate/Diploma. Please feel free to enquire about subjects that are not listed in the above table. All tutors on our books are fully qualified teachers or lecturers possessing either a PGCE, Diploma in Education or Certificate in Education. All 'Norwich Tutors' are certified by the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau). It is a known fact that private tuition can greatly accelerate the learning process in an environment which is uniquely helpful to the student. Please remember that we do not work miracles, we need first to evaluate the situation and proceed in a way that is beneficial to the student. So please contact us as soon as a problem is identified rather than as a last resort. Tuition Fees These normally range from £20 per hour for Sats (Middle School) level to £26 per hour for A's/A-level and above. Lower rates of £16 per person per hour are available for tuition of small groups of 2 or more students. To make an enquiry please click here We can also offer several specialist courses and seminars in Leadership and management development and Satellite and Microwave Telecommunications. For those students short on time and need assistance to get an essay assignment handed in then access our essay writing tutors page. Villas with pools to rent in spain visit great-stay.com Web site Design by great-stay.com

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